Talaga Games Studio

Big gaming in a small form factor

Hello, we are Talaga Games Studio, a small boutique game studio based out of New Jersey. Our games vary in style, but our focus is on a great experience and value in the games we produce. The following projects are currently in progress and are subject to change before being released.


Clutch is a 2-player tactical game where you represent a team trying to gain control of the field. Dodgeball in practice, but fighting game in spirit, Clutch leverages a unique cast of characters and simple gameplay as a way to introduce casual players to board games


Based on Filipino mythology, I Grant Thee is a 1-4 player resource management game where players need perform miracles to bow to the Gods and gain their favor before others do.


A One (1) vs All (2 to 3) player area control logical deduction game. Each villain is given a scheme that they need to commit by traveling to various parts of the city to collect resources, while the detective and his men are trying to stop the villains and deduct their schemes before time runs out

Festivals of Talaga

A competitive 2-4 player set collection game, Festivals of Talaga has you play as deputies to the mayor trying to attract the most citizens to your neighborhood. Have the right mix of work, food, entertainment, and culture to increase the number of residences flocking to your most happening neighborhood.

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Talaga is a card engine building game for 2-5 players. You play as one of five unique corporations that are trying to acquire startups that compliment their current portfolio. Use Injunctions to gain the advantage in this cutthroat competitive card game.

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